Prior to 2008 it seemed every company was talking about sustainability.  It was unprecedented the number of corporations that were putting out sustainability reports or hiring senior executives responsible for corporate "green" strategy.  That changed with the financial crisis.

In a few short months the "green" movement was replaced with concerns about jobs and saving

Small businesses are deeply concerned with the economic impacts of the proposed cap-and-trade legislation currently pending in Congress.  Although small businesses will not be covered by the cap, if a price is placed on carbon, small businesses will feel the economic impact through energy price increases.  This is particularly true in the Midwest which is heavily

The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 summit was unlike any other conference or summit I had attended.  I have been to plenty where the goal was simply to raise awareness-  Typically a parade of talking heads followed up by urgent pleas to do something in the future. 

The Cleveland Summit was much different.  It took some 700 attendees

Cleveland has is trying to increase momentum toward become a hub of green industry.  As a recent Clevelander I appreciate the efforts to promote sustainability, renewable power, and other green industry as a means of attracting jobs and improving the economy.  (photo:flickr:heidigoseek)

I have had the luxury of working with many of the

Green marketing claims are running rampant, according to the April 2008 survey by Terrachoice a consulting firm that runs the Canadian government’s eco-labeling program.  Labels on products frequently claim “recycled content”, “biodegradable”, and “safe for the environment.”

The recent survey found that the number of big box store products making green claims grew 79 percent

Have you ever heard of the irresistible force paradox?  What would happen if an irresistible force met an in-movable object?  I think this paradox may describe what will happen when the Obama Administration’s environmental agenda meets the reality of the economy. 

Remember a few months back when oil peaked around $140 a barrel.  Of course