The Ohio Department of Development launched today the second round of funding under the Diesel Emission Reduction Grant (DERG) program.  There will be at least $9.8 million in funding available in the second round.  You can receive funding of up to 80% of the cost (requires a 20% match) for cost of equipment related to

 Yesterday, U.S. EPA announced its proposed non-attainment designations for counties not meeting the new P.M. 2.5 (fine particle) pollution standardOhio was second only to California in total counties designated non-attainment with 28 total counties

A county’s designation as non-attainment makes economic development efforts more difficult and increases competitive pressure on existing businesses.  The

As part of the 2008-2009 State budget, Ohio set aside $19.8 million to be used for diesel grants to achieve reductions in air pollution from the transportation sector.  The set aside represents the largest dedicated pool of funds to diesel emission reductions in the Midwest. The grants could be used to pay for pollution control retrofits and anti-idling technology