Today, I am excited to launch a new blog dedicated to discussion of environmental legal and policy issues that impact or present implications to businesses and individuals living in Ohio.  My goal is to write my posts in a manner so that they will be accessible to individuals even if they do not have expertise in the field.  I hope to reach individuals in the business community, government, and the law grappling with environmental regulation or with an interest in the topic of environmental protection.  I hope my background provides readers with some unique insights into this complex topic. 

Posts may:

  • Discuss policy, current events and news related to environmental protection
  • Analyze the potential impacts of new environmental regulations
  • Identify significant new court decisions and discuss their implications
  • Provide updates or make observations regarding environmental programs and initiatives
  • Include opinions or observations relating to the general topic of environmental regulation

The site will be continuously updated.  Feel free to pass the site along to anyone you think may have some interest.  I would welcome your comments and suggestions.  I look forward to taking part in the virtual discussion of this fascinating and important topic.