Its nice to receive recognition every now and again.  Since starting my blog almost three years ago I have met a number of interesting business contacts, clients, reporters and people just interested in the topics I cover.  That has been the most rewarding part of the process.  

However, its still nice to be recognized as putting up quality content by independent publishers with a good reputation.  LexisNexis is currently developing its list of the top 50 blogs covering environmental and climate change topics. 

Despite LexisNexis close connection to the law, the list is by no means limited to law blogs.  Included on the list are blogs focusing on advocacy, science, policy and international topics. If you work in the environmental field or you just have a passion for it, this is a great list of blogs to follow.  I regularly read a number of them.  (Click here for the "LexisNexis Nomination for Top Environmental and Climate Change Blogs")

Below is the company’s description of their selection process and next steps in finalizing the list for best environmental and climate change blogs.

The environmental law and climate change practice area is part of an evolving phenomenon that is being touted in some circles as the next Rule of Law. Nowhere is this global renaissance more apparent than the blogosphere, which has spawned a surprisingly large (and growing) number of blogs in every conceivable niche category.  For the first time, this Community will recognize the thought leaders who share their expertise-and their divergent points of view-with the online world by awarding an honorary designation to the Top 50 Blogs for Environmental Law & Climate Change.

As many of you know, there are blogs, and then there are blogs. As we consider blogs for membership in ELCCC’s Top 50, we look for timely topics, quality writing, frequent posts and that certain something ‘extra’ that keeps a web audience coming back for more. Our readers have come to expect nothing less, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

An initial list of nominees for ELCCC’s Top 50 blogs for 2011 is set forth below. We welcome and encourage your input. If a blog you like isn’t included, post a comment to let us know and we’ll add it to the list. We’re always looking for new voices with something interesting to say about environmental law and climate change.  

Our top blogs campaign will move ahead in several phases. We’ll start with a comment period that starts today and ends on 14 February, during which we will take additional top blog nominations. From the final list of nominees, we will select the Top 50 Environmental Law & Climate Change Blogs for 2011. Thereafter, we’ll put the matter to a vote and ask all of you-our Community-to pick the Top Blog of the Year.