In a prior post I discussed the outcry from industry over U.S. EPA’s proposed boiler MACT rules.  The rules would establish standards for emissions of hazardous pollutants for commercial and industrial boilers.

As discussed in the post, many have criticized EPA’s methodology for establishing standards.  Even some State regulators (including Ohio EPA) provided comments criticizing U.S. EPA. 

Perhaps no greater business group has been more critical than the biomass industry who indicated the entire industry would be placed at a significant disadvantage under the proposal.

Apparently, U.S. EPA is going to listen to these criticisms and completely revise the boiler MACT rule.  In a letter from Administrator Jackson responding to members of the U.S. Senate, Jackson says industry failed to provide adequate data regarding emissions prior to the rule development.   The Administrator goes on to say that EPA now has received abundant data and will completely revise the proposed rule. 

U.S. EPA  is under a Court order to develop the boiler MACT rule.  The Agency received an extension to January 16, 2011 to issue its revised rule.