Ohio is using federal stimulus money to establish a new grant opportunity in the renewable energy area.   The Ohio Department of Development has released an RFP soliciting proposals with a total of $10 million in available funding. 

Minimum award is $500,000 and maximum is $1 million.

The grant program is looking for projects that convert feedstocks such as municipal solid wastes, food and farm wastes, or other bio-mass or waste materials to electricity, heat, fuel and/or bio-products.

There is a cost share requirement of 25% of total cost of the project. Cost share can take the form of financial or in-kind contributions.

Grant funds can only be used to purchase and install eligible project equipment for conversion of wastes and biomass into energy , heat, fuel or products.  Due to limitations placed on federal stimulus funding, you may not use grant funds for any of the of the following:

  • Construction costs;
  • Purchase of buildings or land; and
  • Purchase of equipment for renewable energy techniques that are deemed not commercially available.

More information on the Transforming Waste to Value grant program offered by ODOD.